Before you go, let me show you the top 5 things you can do to become a better cellist.

“I am very happy to be your online student.”
Richard N. via Facebook

“Hi Olga, I am a beginning student on the cello and came across your YouTube channel recently and I have to say you are a great help to any cellist looking to develope their skills!”
Ryan O. via Facebook

“I had no background in music when I started with Olga two years ago. I had never even seen a cello!
I emailed Olga and asked if she could teach a 55 year old with no music knowledge. She said yes and my wonderful journey began. I’ve had many classes with Olga since and I simply cannot praise her enough.

She’s a professional cellist who has that special ability to teach. If you become a student of Olga’s she will always give you her complete attention, insist that you learn correctly, encourage you, correct you, make you laugh, and all this and more while leading you slowly but surely and at your own pace, towards becoming a competent cellist.

Her online virtual cello videos are a great resourse and if, like me, you choose to also take one to one classes on skype, you will certainly get value for your money.
It had always been a dream of mine to play an instrument, I was lucky enough to find a world-class cellist to teach me and I’m so happy with my progress and I love my cello.

It’s a dream come true !!”

“As an adult student starting my third year with Olga, I am totally “hooked”…not only by her excellent teaching style but by her approach. With virtual lessons by Skype, I can practice and be ready for my lesson at home ahead of time as well as have the back-up reinforcement of the online lesson videos. These short lessons are so helpful for remembering techniques, previewing a lesson ahead of time or reviewing the finer points of a lesson during my practice periods. A complete learning system!”

“I didn’t think virtual cello lessons could possibly be as effective as in-person lessons, but I called Olga anyway and set up an appointment. I have very limited time and didn’t want to lug my cello all over Paris. Three years later, I’m as impressed as ever. For better or worse, Olga doesn’t miss a thing! I only play for my enjoyment and never intend to play outside of my bedroom, but Olga holds me to the same standards that she demands from her professional cellists. Every time she gives me a new piece to work on, I think,”what’s wrong with Olga, does she really think I’m going to be able to play THIS!” Even with my limited hour of practice a day, I surprise myself and I learn them. I now actually enjoy hearing myself play — I haven’t checked with my neighbors, but I imagine if they could thank Olga, they would!”