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Olga Redkina is a passionate cellist striving to connect with her students.

“Today, I am living my own American dream by sharing my passion through online cello lessons and solo performances.”


I’m Olga Redkina, a cellist, teacher, soloist, and artist. I’m located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I teach students around the world through Skype. My students are of all ages and learning levels. Cello is my passion. I enjoy sharing this passion through performance and teaching cello online. The online format gives students worldwide an opportunity to achieve their dream of playing the cello.

My Story

Growing up in Russia, I always loved music.  At the age of nine, I auditioned for music school having never played an instrument before. When I went into the audition I intended on auditioning for piano, but the teacher noticed my ear for music and convinced me to audition for cello. The moment I heard the cello during my audition I fell in love with it. I loved the way it felt when I held it.  I loved the way it sounded.  I couldn’t get enough. I was accepted into the music school and began my cello career.


At 13, I auditioned for the Concentrated Music Study Kazan Special Music School.  This was a special boarding school for children gifted in music, comparable to America’s Juilliard. I was one of the few students accepted into the school. My dream was to become a performance artist. This school allowed me to advance my cello technique and learn music theory and history. During this time I was playing with the Kazan Philharmonic Orchestra in Russia. I can remember practicing 8-12 hours a day to catch up with the other students in my classes. This is where I began chipping away at my dream of becoming a soloist.

In 1999, I received an offer to continue my education in the United States. I jumped at this opportunity to further my career.  I continued my education at Duquesne University where I earned my Masters in Music and Cello Performance. I also began giving lessons through the school.

Upon arriving in America, I gave private lessons out of my studio and played in several different ensembles including, Johnstown Symphony Orchestra, Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra, Altoona Symphony Orchestra, and Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra.

Today, I am living my own American dream by sharing my passion through online cello lessons and solo performances.

News & Events

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Sharing the season together is the greatest gift of all! Sending you peace, love, and joy this holiday season. Click below to watch the videos of some of my wonderful students! https://vimeo.com/783775253 https://vimeo.com/783775183 https://vimeo.com/783934923...

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

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