Before you go, let me show you the top 5 things you can do to become a better cellist.


  • Duquesne University Soloist Competition Winner Pittsburgh, Pa 2002
  • Joyce Dutka Arts Foundation Chamber Music Competition Winner New York, NY 2000
  • Five Towns Music Soloist Competition Winner New York, NY 1999
  • Kazan State Conservatory Soloist Competition Winner Russia 1997
  • St Petersburg Music Soloist Compeition Winner Russia 1996
  • Kazan State Conservatory Chamber Competition Winner Russia 1995

“Ms. Redkina is an extraordinary cellist. She has a wonderful lush sound and technique of a true virtuoso. You are dealing with a real soloist. She is also a wonderful teacher who is successfully coaching a wide range of students of different ages.”
– Misha Quint – Renowned Soloist


  • Masters in Music, Cello Performance Duquesne University
  • Artist Diploma, Cello Performance Duquesne University
  • Undergraduate Degree, Cello Performance & Teaching Kazan State Conservatory
  • Concentrated Music Study Kazan Special Music School (Russia’s Juliard)

Teaching Experience

  • Private Studio 1999-Present

“Olga Redkina is a wonderful cellist whose accomplishments are manifold. Her standards in all fields are very high and she continues to nurture her musicianship and constant study and application. I have known her work for several years and can vouch for her devotion to her art.”
– Sidney Harth, Director of Orchestral Activities – Duquesne University

Orchestra Experience

  • Johnstown Symphony Orchestra – Principal Cello – Johnstown Pa 1999-Present
  • Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra Greensburg Pa 1999-Present
  • Altoona Symphony Orchestra – Principal Cello – Altoona Pa 1999-Present
  • Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra Oklahoma, OK 2003-2004
  • Kazan Philharmonic Orchestra Assistant Principal
  • Kazan, Russia 1996-1998 Kazan Chamber Orchestra Kazan, Russia 1993-1998

Past Soloist Performances

  • 1987-1998 – Performing as soloist in Kazan City, Nabereshny Chelny, Perm, Nishniy Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Moscow
    • Kazan City – Special Music School of Kazan State Conservatory, State College of Kazan
    • Perm – Music College, Perm Conservatory
    • Nabereshny Chelny – Music Schools and Art College
    • St. Petersburg – Music Schools, Special Music School at St. Petersburg Conservatory, Moscow Conservatory
  • 1990 – Recording solo music on Kazan City T.V. for Tchaikovsky 150 Years
  • 1991 – Recoding Solo Performance to represent Special Music School of Kazan for Germany Music Schools
  • 1993-1998 – Performing with Kazan State Conservatory as soloist
  • 1990-1998 – Chamber group performances as Piano Trio; Quartet in Kazan Cities and other cities