The first set of courses is designed to familiarize you with the cello as well as teach proper technique and helpful practice routines.

Access Cello Fundamentals 1


Designed for “advanced beginners,” this second set of courses focuses on advanced scale and bow techniques along with several performance pieces.

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Once you’ve mastered the Core Cello lessons, private instruction will help you to become an advanced student. Virtual lessons with Olga can be conducted via Skype from anywhere in the world.

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Intermediate lessons bridge the gap between the core lessons and advanced techniques, for students who have mastered Fundamentals 1 and 2.

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Tips and Exercises teach you useful skills that can be applied in all other lessons. Continued practice and repetition will grow your skills and confidence.

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Advanced techniques and tips go beyond the core lessons, for advanced students looking to master particular works.

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Holiday Music

Lessons for learning popular Holiday songs — and not just Christmastime.

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