Students who have a passion for playing cello can develop their musical talent by studying with a professional cellist. Previously you have been limited to working with instructors in your area, but with virtual cello lessons from Olga Redkina you can learn from anywhere using a computer and free video chat technology from Skype. You can now learn how to play the cello with the same private lessons and coaching that Olga provides to her local students.

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Whether you are in Pittsburgh or Los Angeles, Florida or Nebraska, East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in between, your learning is no longer limited to the teachers in your area. Olga is a world-renowned Cellist who can provide private lessons to anyone in the USA with a cello, a computer and an internet connection. Using Skype technology it’s literally like being in the same room.



Live Virtual Cello Lessons
for beginners.


Per user/hour


Virtual Cello Lessons
for advanced students.


Per user/hour

If you’ve never tried using video conferencing technology before we understand that you may be skeptical if something like this could work for you. No problem, you can try it out by taking your first session with Olga at no cost. If you like it and think that virtual lessons are something that would work well for you, then you can continue. If not, no worries.

Virtual Cello Lessons Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

It is always possible to cancel or reschedule with at least 24 hr notice. It is important for students to be courteous to other students. When you schedule a lesson with Olga that time is reserved for you and becomes unavailable to other students. Therefore, Olga asks for 24 hr notice on all lesson cancellations and reschedules. If there is an emergency, or something comes up as a surprise Olga will work with you on a case-by-case basis because life happens. However, if it happens more than twice you should expect to pay for the cancelled lesson.

What students are saying.

I really like the videos. You are very clear, and easy to understand!

Cello Student, New Jersey

What a great resource!

Cello Student, Japan

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