Virtual Cello Lessons


Before you go, let me show you the top 5 things you can do to become a better cellist.

Students who have a passion for playing cello can develop their musical talent by studying with a professional cellist. Previously you have been limited to working with instructors in your area, but with virtual cello lessons from Olga Redkina you can learn from anywhere using a computer and free video chat technology from Skype. You can now learn how to play the cello with the same private lessons and coaching that Olga provides to her local students.

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Learn From Anywhere

Whether you are in Pittsburgh or Los Angeles, Florida or Nebraska, East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in between, your learning is no longer limited to the teachers in your area. Olga is a world-reknowned Cellist who can provide private lessons to anyone in the USA with a cello, a computer and an internet connection. Using Skype technology it’s literally like being in the same room. Learn more.

A year ago I was searching for english speaking cello teachers via Skype (I live in Japan) and I was fortunate to find Olga Redkina’s website. I wanted a conservatory trained musician with orchestral and chamber music experience. Olga is a highly competent teacher with high standards for student development. Olga is a tough teacher but she teaches students everything they need to know to overcome problem areas. She teaches the necessary “What, Where, When, How” of musical expression but also more importantly, the “Why”. I feel I have improved significantly after 1 year of lessons and I am already looking forward to a productive 2nd year. Olga works hard to synchronize lesson times with me due to the 13 hour difference between us. Thanks Olga! Skype Student for 1 year, Japan

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Try Your First Session for Free!

If you’ve never tried using videoconferencing technology before we understand that you may be skeptical if something like this could work for you. No problem, you can try it out by taking your first session with Olga at no cost. If you like it and think that virtual lessons is something that would work well for you, then you can continue. If not, no worries.

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Standard Rates

If, after your free first session, you’d like to continue taking virtual cello lessons with Olga, there are two standard rates depending on the level of instruction required.

Beginner Students: $50/hr

Advanced Students: $75/hr

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Virtual Cello Lessons Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

It is always possible to cancel or reschedule with at least 24 hr notice.  It is important for students to be courteous to other students.  When you schedule a lesson with Olga that time is reserved for you and  becomes unavailable to other students.  Therefore, Olga asks for 24 hr notice on all lesson cancellations and reschedules.  If there is an emergency, or something comes up as a surprise Olga will work with you on a case-by-case basis because life happens.  However, if it happens more than twice  you should expect to pay for the cancelled lesson.

Private Cello Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Olga provides personalized attention based on your abilities and goals. She teaches traditional methods for several types of music, including classical, romantic and contemporary.

Students who study with Olga do not just learn how to play the music; they learn about the life of music and how to open up to others and themselves through playing. Her method of instruction furthers the development of the student and the one-on-one setting allows her to correct technique. Students learn how to position their hands and their entire bodies to produce the proper results.

With Olga’s extensive experience playing and teaching cello, students can be confident that they are learning from an expert. She has 18 years playing experience and 16 years teaching experience in both Russia and the United States. She earned her bachelor’s degree in cello performance and teaching from Kazan Conservatory in Russia before coming to Duquesne University to earn an artist’s diploma and a master’s in music in cello performance. She has won competitions in Russia, New York and Pittsburgh, performed as a soloist and played with chamber and symphony orchestras. She was the principal cellist with the Kazan Chamber Orchestra and currently performs with symphony orchestras in Johnstown, Altoona and Westmoreland.

Students who strive for success risk slowing their development without the proper training and guidance. If bad form is learned first, it can be much harder to correct and relearn the right technique. Group lessons do not allow the instructor to correct technique, resulting in students who learn the music but not the form.  Olga provides the personal attention needed to learn the right way.

To begin your private lessons or coaching, contact Olga to set up an introductory meeting. Olga will meet with you (for younger students, parents also attend) to discuss learning goals and determine if individual instruction is the right fit.

More About Skype

Virtual Cello Lessons

Skype is free to download, easy to register and is a great tool for virtual music lessons. The Manhattan School of Music has been using videoconferencing technology for years. Learn more about Skype at You can even download it and play around with it for free.

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Due to popular demand, students now have the ability to pay online. For more details, visit the payment page.