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Online Cello Lessons
, get unlimited access to over 400 videos of tips, lessons, and demonstrations from Olga.

Virtual Cello Lessons, using skypewhite logo technology it’s literally like being in the same room!

Virtual Cello Lessons

Previously you have been limited to working with instructors in your area, but with virtual cello lessons from Olga Redkina, you can learn from anywhere using a computer and free video chat technology from skypewhite logo.

Online Cello Lessons

A great supplement to your learning, Online Cello Lessons are videos of tips, lessons and demonstrations from Olga. Get unlimited access to over 400 cello video lessons (and growing) for only $15 per month!

Unlimited Video Access

Taking cello lessons online changes the way you learn the cello, allowing students to learn in a “Flipped Classroom” environment. Students can log into the website and view over 100’s of recorded lessons in beautiful widescreen format.

Simple pricing.

Online Cello Video Library

Unlimited Access to over
400 cello videos.


Per user/month


Live Virtual Cello Lessons
for beginners.


Per user/hour


Virtual Cello Lessons
for advanced students.


Per user/hour

What students are saying.

"I really like the videos. You are very clear, and easy to understand!"

Susan, New Jersey

"Virtual lessons via Skype with Olga are great! I am very satisfied with this method – Olga is a phenomenal teacher and cellist! I look forward to our one-on-one lesson every week."

"What a great resource!"

Nelson, Japan

"My daughter might not say much during her lesson, but she told me everything she learned and demonstrated on her cello for about an hour afterward."

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Website update! Have you visited our shop recently? Except for being able to purchase your online cello lessons you can now buy your own cello, different cello accessories and OlgaRedkina.com t-shirts! OlgaRedkina.com is authorized to sell all Krutz cellos from the...

Summer Cello Practice

Summer Cello Practice

School and orchestra season is over for the summer, but it is very important for musicians to continue practicing. That is why online cello lessons can be a great choice for cellists serious about improving their skills throughout the year - even during summer vacation!



Cello Summer Camp is back this year! If you are not able to attend but enjoy Olga Redkina's lessons, get yourself or your child this one of a kind Summer Cello Camp T-shirt! Purchase it now at our brand new online store! And don't forget to enjoy your practice!

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