Advanced Tips and Excercises Table of Contents


Before you go, let me show you the top 5 things you can do to become a better cellist.

The online lessons take you step by step, from beginning level to advance.
All cello students need to purchase some books:  170 foundation studies for violoncello V.1by Alwin Schroeder and Suzuki books 1,2 and other.
The advantage of the online lessons is that you can go as slow or as fast, it will depend on your practice time.
Enjoy your practice!

Advanced Techniques and Tips for Learning Goltermann Concerto No.4 in G Major

First Movement

Table of Contents

  1. Part 1: Solo
  2. Part 1: A Tempo
  3. Part 2: A Tempo
  4. Part 3: Solo
  5. Part 3: Poco Meno Mosso
  6. Part 4: Tempo 1

Second Movement

Table of Contents

  1. Second Movement Demonstration and lesson

Third Movement

Table of Contents

  1. Demonstration

     Part 1

  1. Stroke and Bow

     Part 2

  1. Notes
  2. Music

     Part 3

  1. Notes
  2. Stroke

    Part 4

  1. Notes
  2. Music

    Part 5

  1. Notes
  2. Stroke and Bow

“The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saëns

Suzuki Book Vol.6

  1. Demonstration
  2. Notes
  3. Music